Cheesecake with strawberries



For the base:

150g Shortbread "Gastone Lago"

75g butter

For the cream:

250g Philadelphia

250gr mascarpone cheese

100g icing sugar

250g fresh cream

10g gelatin cake

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

For the decorations:


jam strawberries


Prepare the base, blending the Shortbread and blending them with melted butter, level with the back of a spoon the mixture into the mold. Place in refrigerator for half an hour and in the meantime prepare the filling. Soak the gelatin in cold water for ten minutes. Work the Philadelphia and mascarpone cheese with an electric mixer with 70 grams of sugar. Whip the cream with the remaining sugar. Leave aside two tablespoons of cream. Dissolve the fire the squeezed gelatine. Allow to cool and then add to the mixture along with two tablespoons of cream, stirring from the bottom up. Pour the mixture over the biscuit base, leveling well and leave in the fridge for 6 hours. Decorated with strawberries and polished with slightly warmed jam and cream flakes.