Lago Group

50 years in the confectionery industry, born from the passion of an artisan


A taste of Italy’s best

Gastone Lago founded Elledi with his brother and his business partner Di Dato in 1968, and he had clear in mind from the very beginning to create an innovative confectionery company using his great artisan passion.

That soul was clear in Gastone Lago’s mind: what he wanted was to become an innovative confectionery industry, born from artisan passion.


The company became remarkable for the use of the most advanced technical expertise applied to the confectionery industry to recreate the aroma and inimitable taste of an artisanal product.


In the '70s, a new type of consumer entered the scene and the company understood the need for gratification after decades of deprivation.

The wafer became a protagonist of gratifying sweetness.

1970 - 1980

1980 - 2000

2000 - 2010

2010 - Oggi

Lago's values

Gastone Lago has always followed the progress of his company using his own personal alphabet, consisting of:


Gastone Lago and his family devoted themselves totally to their business but at the same time demanded a great commitment to the people working for them.
He managed to build a great team. He has always believed in his people’s skills knowing they are a crucial added value.


We are committed to continuous research using innovative technological solutions to adapt our products to the everyday changing tastes.


The careful selection of raw materials, the research on recipes, the industrial process through the use of exclusive technologies; these components make possible the unique quality of our brand.


Over the course of our long history, we have expanded the confectionery range identifying new potential successful products with a particular focus on the foreign markets.
In addition to wafers we began to manufacture ladyfingers, cookies and an assorted line of snacks, from tartlets to doughnuts.
Lago range represents a pleasant break in any moment of the day: a symbiosis of many sweet emotions.


Today we are a confectionery company exporting in more than 80 countries all around the world We are committed to consolidating our brand image worldwide by offering high quality products at affordable prices.

We always keep an eye on future trying to anticipate the market trends.