Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our products? Below you may find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • How less fats do Frolleggere contain?

    Gastone Lago shortbreads – average per 100 g of fat values

    Frollini con cacao e nocciole 350g 17,2
    Frollini ai cereali 350g 21,2
    Frollini con gocce di cioccolato 350g 22,3
    Frollini alla panna 350g 21,4
    Frollini con uova 350g 18,5
    Frollini integrali 350g 13,2
    Frollini delifrolle 350g 11,7

    Frollini 400g 13,2
    Frollkao 400g 13,7
    Prima colazione 400g 12,8
    Novellino 400g 12,1
    Frollini integrali 400g 14,2

    Novellino 1000g 12,1
    Caserecci 1000g 12,8
    Prima colazione 1000g 12,8

    Average Fat 15,28

    (More than 40% less fat)

  • Are your products appropriate for vegans?

    Our products contain eggs, milk and butter, which are foods that are generally not included in vegan diets.

  • Are your wafers appropriate for vegetarians?

    Consumers who follow a vegetarian diet usually eat eggs, milk and dairy products and butter, therefore our products are appropriate for vegetarians.

  • Do you have products appropriate for people with celiac disease?

    All our products contain soft wheat flour and are therefore inappropriate for this category of consumers.

  • Do your products contain hydrogenated fats?

    The health and well being of our consumers is a priority for us. This is why our products do not contain hydrogenated fats and are made exclusively with carefully selected and controlled ingredients.

  • How can I contact Lago Group?

    For any information, question or suggestion you can fill out the form on the Contacts page. We will answer all requests as quickly as possible.

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