Crispy wafer layers and velvety cream fillings combined to make our Wafers. Available in different formats and flavours!

Sugar free wafer

A wafer intended for those who wish or need to reduce the daily sugar consumption without giving up pleasure.


Sweet and refined pastry dedicated to those who love to indulge in a moment of delicacy. Enjoy every moment with Plaisir!


Perfect combination of delicious chocolate and tasty fruit fillings.


A simple flavour of finely selected ingredients according to tradition; our short dough cookies are simply delicious and palm oil free!

Italian specialties

Italian confectionery traditional products, with a simple and refined flavour, known all over the world. Perfect after a meal or as a afternoon break.

Mini Cakes

Soft, delicious and irresistible. When it comes to snacks, Gastone the pastry chef is a true expert. Try them all and find your favorite!


Who wants a slice? Try our crostate, a classical cake to try alone or share with friends!