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Our 45 year long experience ensures the quality of the products bearing the Gastone Lago name. Ever since then, we at Gastone Lago seek the most appropriate solutions to ensure products of a very high quality, which are appreciated throughout the world.

Gastone Lago

All the raw materials are certified and scrupulously selected on the basis of a strict supplier evaluation and constant quality controls.

To this are added continuous investments in technological innovation which guarantee constant qualitative standards using carefully monitored automated processes. Our research into the most appropriate packaging materials allows us to ensure the best possible preservation of our products, while upholding our commitment to recycling and eco-sustainability.

It is thanks to all this that Gastone Lago is currently one of the leading Italian wafer producers and a major European producer of sweets. However, Gastone Lago's true secret is passion and this, together with our decades of experience, allows us to provide a product that is....
“to die for”!


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